Planta Andar

The working environment of the VANGUARD CORPORATE was designed for the greatest well-being of its users.

Comfort, daylighting, amplitude, modernity, security, flexibility, among others, are items that directly influence on the productivity and satisfaction at workplace. Therefore received particular attention since the design.

Office floors with a total working area of 6,591.81 square meters, and a total of 13,193.82 square meters built.

Balconies on the sides of the building give users an area of decompression during work hours, and also decreases the incidence of solar heat inside the room, consequently, improving the thermal comfort.

The corporate floors have 04 elevators (02 panoramic); 02 staircases with fire doors; 02 shared bathrooms with accessibility; 02 technical areas, one on each side of the floor allowing independent cooling, electrical, voice and data systems; 03 private and exclusive bathrooms; 02 areas for archive storage and miscellaneous; in addition to 02 pantries and 02 garbage deposits.

The corporate areas are spacious, providing layout flexibility and functionality adjustments according to the various needs of its users.