These are the foundations that guided the design of VANGUARD CORPORATE project:

MODERNITY: Designed to be a avant-garde corporate space, all the cutting edge items such as: building materials; working evironment solutions; aggregated technologies; among many others, have been widely analyzed and considered, which makes this an exclusive and differentiated building.

ACCESSIBILITY: In all building areas there was a special care with accessibility. Since the external access by panoramic elevator; directional guidance with tactile floor; wide elevators with central door opening; bathrooms in common areas prepared for accessibility, among other measures, were provided for those with special needs.

SUSTAINABILITY: This was another major concern in the project design. Special materials, such as low-emissivity glass on the facades; LED technology lamps in common areas; natural lighting in all work environments and common access; balconies on the entire length of the building reducing the incidence of heat in the working areas; space and infrastructure for the installation of photovoltaics in order to self-generate energy, among others, were considered in the project design.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: As responsible citizens and members of the Corrente do Bem, it will be allocated a percentage of the sales or rentals revenue, to charities, and in agreement with the purchaser or lessee, throughout the contract period . This commitment is to be signed publicly and registered at the Brasilia Notary Office.