It comes from the French term/ expression: “avant-garde”. At its origin, it is a military formation that indicates the advanced guard and can also refer to which is in forward position. By derivation, refers to people who have some pioneering work, whether in politics, science, humanities or fine arts.

The avant-garde movement, was noted also at the concrete architectural projects. As an example, there is the city of Brasilia, which is the result of this innovative and avant-garde spirit, present in both traces of Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer. It was up to the first, the city project, which was organized from the simple and original idea of overlapping 2 axes: the Monumental and the Rodoviário, thus indicating the administrative vocation of the city without losing the human character. The second was responsible for the implementation of the project that would give Brasilia its most plastic architectural character, marked by the break of paradigms. It would be the presence of something new in architectural projects, the concrete balance on sinuous curves.

Vanguard therefore represents the new, and is present in facilities, technologies, lifestyle, expressions and thoughts…

So with these concepts in mind, and always seeking for the welfare of the human being, was designed the project of Brasilia`s newest comercial building, which aggregates and is willing to offer the community, all that expresses its name: VANGUARD CORPORATE.